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Presley’s Country Jubilee back in action on stage

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The family friendly folks at Presley’s Country Jubilee will hit the stage Friday, June 19 to resume their 53rd year of delivering one of Branson’s greatest attractions, a country gospel variety show that began in a cavern.

Gary “Herkimer” Presley is, as always, at the center of attention during Presley’s Country Jubilee. (Submitted to Branson Globe)

The show actually opened March 13 and three shows ran before Branson and the rest of the country went on lockdown for safety and health reasons because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“At first, we thought it was going to last about ten days,” Gary Presley, president of Presley’s Country Jubilee said. “That turned out to be three months. We’re itching to get back on stage and in front of audiences.”

Presley said he’s ready to pick up the guitar again and perform his “Herkimer” character.

Herkimer is a “gut-busting” comedic hillbilly who has brought comedy and laughter to Branson audiences for more than fifty years.

Presley’s Country Jubilee is a two- hour country gospel variety show for the whole family. The show features the popular Presley family, a troupe of musicians who have performed in the Ozarks for four generations.

The family started originally playing at Fantastic Caverns outside Springfield on the weekends and in a similar place between Branson and Kimberling City.

“The caverns were cool, 58 degrees. Modern air conditioning changed all that, of course, playing in a cavern,” Presley said.

Today, the theatre is located at 2920 76 Country Blvd. The building itself has been remodeled and renovated seven times, according to Presley.

It seats 1,600 people and will accommodate less, this summer due to the social distancing guidelines the theatre will ask patrons to abide.

Presley said the theatre will be running three shows per week for the time being, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Typically the Presley Country Jubilee runs six days per week during the summer.

The Presley Country Jubilee stayed connected to its audiences through social media. “A lot of folks wanted to know when we’re ready to be open, Presley added. “We are so ready.”

The show also stays tuned with audiences via the RFD television network, where it has been a mainstay for more than ten years. The show is watched by more than 4000,000 people every Saturday.

Presley said he looked forward to seeing the live, fresh faces of an audience.

“I’ve missed only four shows in my entire life,” Presley said. “When each of my three sons graduated and when I busted my elbow one year. Hospital doctors wouldn’t let me out because of surgery, can you believe that?”

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