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Popular bake shop to close

In a post on social media, Branson Alderman Marshall Howden shared that a favorite Branson eatery is closing.

Said Howden, in a Facebook post, "I have bad news and I have good news. The sad news is that Dino is closing up his Carrot Cake Shop."


Dino's 24 Karrot Cake Shoppe, known for delectable desserts, particularly his Carrot Cake and Red Velvet Cake, opened in 2011. The shop specialized in tantalizing sweets, but also featured a variety of breakfast and lunch items and beverages.  Owner DIno Kartsonakis, a world-renowned pianist, along with his talented wife, Cheryl, often made appearances at the shop, much to the delight of their fans.


Dino's Cake Shoppe had operated in multiple locales, including the Branson Landing, however, most recently, Dino's Cake Shoppe was situated at 104 East Main Street in downtown Branson.


A piece of Dino's 24 Karrot Cake Shoppe will remain, however, according to Howden, who continued in his Facebook post, stating, "However, out of the kindness of his (Dino's) heart, he called me and offered his sign up for our neon sign backlot at the Song of Hope Museum."


Dino's sign joins the Baldknobbers Motor Inn sign, Jim Stafford's iconic guitar sign, and many other pieces of Branson history at the unique museum that celebrates Branson's rich musical history. The Song of Hope Museum is located at the Coffelt Country Craft Village, at 673 State Highway 165 in Branson.

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