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‘Piano Man Xperience’ now open at Star Theatre

By Branson Globe Staff

David Brooks, a name familiar to area theater goers, has responded with a “yes” to requests by friends and fans wanting him to bring his “Piano Man Xperience” to Branson. Brooks and his ‘crew’ is now appearing at the Branson Star Theatre, 3750 W 76 Country Blvd.

“We’re doing three matinee performances a week,” Brooks said. “The show features music from many piano entertainers along with a few surprises. I talk about some of my influences as well. Everything from Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Elton John and so many more. We also have a LIVE band. And, I’m sure Jerry Lee will make an appearance.”

Brooks moved from Arkansas to Branson in 2003 to join ’50’s At the Hop’ and has been cast in numerous other Branson shows since then.

A friend from a music website told Brooks that ‘the Hop’ was looking for a pianist so he came to Branson, auditioned and got the job.

“I have been fortunate enough to work in just about every show I had the possibility of in the past 16 years,” He said. “From the Haygoods to the Hughes Brothers, Legends in Concert to #1 Hits of the 60’s, you could have spotted me anywhere.”

Entertainer Jeanna Kilbane was in the cast of #1 Hits of the 60’s with Brooks. She and he have maintained a close friendship throughout the years. Similarly, she has also been cast in many of Branson’s shows and worked on cruise ships.

“I’m really excited that David is getting his own show here in Branson,” Kilbane said. “David has a big personality with big talent to go with it. He promises a high energy show that will please audiences of all age groups.”

Music, as a vocalist and musician, came natural to him even while he was very young.

“I suppose I’ve showed an interest in music right out of the womb,” Brooks said. “I remember as a little tyke rocking and bouncing to the music from the car radio. I guess I come by it sort of naturally. Both of my parents play instruments and sing. I had known about Branson since I was a kid and my family made trips up here periodically. I guess I was around 6 years old when I was put into lessons, after years of watching my mom play (piano) and I was banging around on it.”

Brooks was about 12 when his mom took him to hear Gospel legends The Kingsmen. It was a focal point in his life.

”I watched the Kingsmen with Anthony Burger playing (piano), and I was dumbfounded,” he said. “I knew I wanted to be able to play like THAT. It was a show in itself.

Brooks said he was “honored” to portray Jerry Lee Lewis for two years in the Branson production of the musical “Million Dollar Quartet.”

”You know, I still have people coming up to me and saying aren’t you the guy,” he said. “I take pride in that.”

Brooks has garnered awards during his time in Branson. Brooks has also been awarded Piano/Keyboard Player of the Year more than once.

In 2017 Brooks began performing “Piano Man Xperience” around the world. It was a show he created.

“I got to see some amazing places and met some incredible people as well over these last few years. But there’s no place like home,” he said.

“Piano Man Xperience” features music many piano entertainers have made famous, along with a few surprises.

“I talk about some of my influences as well,” Brooks said. “Everything from Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Elton John, to so many more. We will also have a LIVE band. And, I’m sure Jerry Lee will be making an appearance.”

Brooks describes his “Piano Man Xperience” as “exciting, entertaining and fun for everyone.”

As I say in the show “we’ll treat you so many different ways you’re bound to like...something. I can promise you, if you know anything about me, you know this will NOT be boring. I can’t wait to see all my friends again and share my show with them.”

Call the Branson Star Box Office at 417-320-3418 for tickets and more information.

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