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OPINION: Maybe it’s time to become ‘uncomfortable’

My name is Pryce Maxim Rohde. I’m 25 years old, and grew up in southwest Missouri. I graduated from Ozark High School, and graduated Cum Laude from Missouri State University, with bachelor of science degrees in finance and economics. I now work in the field of finance. I am an avid fan of classic rock and metal music, and I play the guitar.

I have a question for you: What race do you think I am?

Do you assume I’m white because of surface level details? Spoiler alert: I’m a Black American. Does that change your opinion of me?

I truly believe for actual change, one has to be uncomfortable. You become comfortable because of things that have been said and done countless times. Maybe it’s time to for everyone to become uncomfortable.

I’m not a proponent of victim mentality, but I do believe it’s time to recognize the injustices and crimes committed against full-blooded Americans. Americans who work their hands to the bone, provide for a family, and work just as hard as anyone else. To grant freedom and liberty to one group doesn’t mean taking it away from another. It’s giving every American the opportunity for success and to have control of their own lives.

So I just ask you to really think about this. How angry would you be if, no matter what, you weren’t given a chance? That the only opportunities were imprisonment or death? Is that fair when you’re just living your best life and minding your own business?

Imagine how unfair it’d be to lose your spouse, children, or sibling, or to leave your family behind because of prejudice. All I ask you is to have empathy and have an open mind; put yourself in another person shoes, and come to a realization of what really matters.

(The comments on this page are the opinions of the writer, and not necessarily those of Branson Globe, or its staff. Want to weigh-in? Have something to say? Share it with us in your own Letter to the Editor. See submission guidelines in lower left corner of this page.)

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