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Mochas and Meows offers unique program for young people

Mochas and Meows, Branson's Premier Cat Café, is offering a unique program for youth—Junior Purrfessionals.

Said Mochas and Meows owner Mary Trexler, "Junior Purrfessionals is a brief two-week program jam packed with all the latest cat behavior knowledge straight from the cat’s mouth—or the closest we could get! Your kiddo will spend a total of four purrfect hours with Missouri’s only Cat Behavior Consultation Team as they learn to navigate the complicated world of cat body language and behavior!"

Trexler continued, "Participants will attend two separate two-hour sessions across the span of two weeks that include learning, activities and hands-on interaction with our Cat Lounge residents. In addition to learning the basics, Junior Purrfessionals will be introduced to the excitement of clicker training, a great way to strengthen the human-cat bond while wowing their friends and family with some wholesome entertainment!"

Young people who complete the program will do so with the knowledge of how to visually identify and understand basic feline body language and how to interact with cats in a way that yields the most positive results for both humans and cats.


Upcoming Junior Purrfessional classes will be held Saturday, April 20 and Saturday, April 27.

For more information, contact Mochas and Meows via email at

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