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Mayor’s Moment: Message from Branson Mayor Edd Akers

Dear Branson Community,

Thankfully, our COVID-19 numbers remain relatively low. This is due, in part, to your efforts to follow social distancing and other recommendations and guidelines from the CDC, the State, and the Taney County Health Department. Thank you! Please continue this effort to keep the health and safety of our community a priority. Hopefully, we can continue to be spared to a large extent in this area.

Branson Mayor Edd Akers. (FILE)

The City of Branson is slowly and carefully reopening. I have received many calls and emails from potential visitors who, understandably, want to safely come to our area. Let’s continue to show people that we are doing all we can do to keep them safe. Please keep adhering to the strong safety procedures, for the safety of our community and to protect your business.

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, at 6 p.m. during our regular Board of Aldermen meeting, we will thank the outgoing Aldermen and the newly elected Aldermen will be sworn-in and seated. You can watch this happen live by joining our livestream during the meeting at I would also encourage you to get involved with the local government by applying to a Board or a Committee. The City has several openings right now. The deadline to apply is June 19, 2020. You can find those current openings and find out how to apply at

Those who pray for your city, please continue to do so especially for all our elected leaders as well as our loyal and hardworking staff at the City. Please also pray for our businesses and employees who continue to feel the economic effects. Pray for our Country to be reconciled and healed.

Thank you for believing in Branson and for letting me serve you,

Mayor Edd Akers

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