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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

As a member of the community here, I have a couple of questions.

#1. - Why did, or how did these people of authority cancel the recycle? I know for a fact that the Branson Fire and Branson Police, CAM and numbers citizens like myself have made it a service to collect and recycle.

I personally have at least two or three bags a week of recycle which now goes into the landfill. They say it costs too much! Why don’t they get some volunteers? I’m sure that there’s some of our good citizens or people that need community service could be recruited. Seems like the “powers that be” could find some way to SAVE the landfill from all the stuff that could be SAVED. These Green People should get a grip or take a look at what they preach. RECYCLE.

#2 - Why did they close the Senior Golf course at the Senior Center? Does any of those people realize that some of the seniors go there for exercise and camaraderie? There’s a few that can’t afford $40 - $60 to play golf. Some of us that [are] on a limited income don’t have that kind of money. Even if they charged a SMALL amount. They want “clean” but what does that mean? When the landfill is full where does this stuff go that take years to decompose? Can’t we find a new way or place to leave our recycle?

#3 - I realize that the tourists are the most important. What about the people that have been here for years? Seems like they don’t count. Remember we still pay taxes. I guess we don’t count.

Marjorie Derry



I would like to suggest that these BLM demonstrations (protests) have gotten out of hand. It seems to have become somewhat of a fad. So much so that we have individuals (MS Pittser and others) who are traveling from city to city creating as much unrest as possible. I would like to ask these individuals where they have been all these years.. I have lived in the area for eleven years and have never once entered Dixie Outfitters because of their display of the Confederate flag. There is nothing of racist Southern Heritage to be proud of. I have long wondered how the party of Abraham Lincoln became the official racist party in the United States. Witness the Presidential election of 2016 where virtually every state of the Confederacy (Texas. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, etc.) voted for a racist for President. And now everyone is climbing aboard to attract attention to themselves.

I would also like to throw my support to the Ole Seagull’s letter to the editor regarding the wearing of facemasks. We have also visited a number of restaurants in Branson where employees are not wearing masks and we have told a number of them that we would not be back until they are. Without exception they have ignored the advice as if they do not care about their customers health and welfare. This will be the case until the Branson does something officially. I have exchanged a number of emails with the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen stressing this very point and received nothing but excuses and reasons why this couldn’t be done. This MUST BE DONE and should be MANDATORY in every business open to the public in Branson, Hollister and all of Taney County.

Richard H Carlile


Flag Staff Stand

Gazing through the window… flag staff is loose; it’s leaning, not standing. Such troublesome news.

Lately she’s folded, my flag has been bound. She’s flying no longer but held to the ground.

With all of her honor and highest of bars. No stripes will be showing just the blue and the stars.

The stand has been damaged; staff torn from her base. The pole has been dipping it dips in disgrace.

“Dipping “Old Glory” would bring her dishonor. The flag- staff- stand- is dipping, so I detached her with honors”.

I stare out my window “oh” gazing so long, complaining and whining; who did this wrong?

The pole is still there. It’s straight and still strong. But loosed from her base, how long? “Oh”, how long?

Who broke the two loose, the base from the pole? Who pulled her down from her honorable role?

Pointing my finger at a dastardly few, pointing my finger at whoever and who, what seemingly matters, what’s seemingly true, I looked in the mirror and find it is you.

Was I standing up strong? Did I hold to her grace? Or... Was I sitting while holes were dug at her base?

So many lives were given at “rockets’ red glare”. We’d all understand, if we all had been there.

Needing concrete, rock, and some sand. Needing Americans to help my flag stand. God is her refuge! God is her base! God is the Father who restores her to grace.

She’ll fly with the Eagle, she’ll fly once again. If we stand for honor she’ll stand once again.

So, who stands for honor? Whoever and who? You there! In the mirror, is that American you?

Lindel Ray Gore, Sr.



If you feel you need to wear a mask… wear one. It’s your face, your mask, and your choice. That’s fine with me. If you own a business and feel you should require all of your customers and staff to wear a mask inside your workplace, do it; it’s your business, run it your way, OK? That’s also fine with me.

Please don’t become a “mask bully” and assume that I’m being defiant, inconsiderate and uncompassionate because I don’t wear one. Here’s why; I CAN’T wear a COVID19 mask, whether it’s N95, cloth, surgical, bandana, or whatever.

I’m a disabled veteran plagued with Emphysema and Pulmonary Fibrosis. I struggle constantly to breathe and process oxygen. My Pulmonary medical caregiver says in my particular case, wearing a mask will restrict my breathing and can cause unnecessary stress and further damage to my lungs. So I’m actually under doctor’s orders to avoid wearing a mask. A mask creates a risk to me I’m not willing to take.

So here’s how I’ll handle this situation; I will be civil to you and avoid getting within 6 feet of you so you can feel safe and comfortable. I’ll cover my mouth with a hand-held tissue to make sure no droplets are expelled in your direction if I cough or sneeze.

If there’s a notice on the door of your business requiring a mask to enter, I’ll honor it. If I know I can slip in and out quickly, I’ll don a mask and get it done. Otherwise I’ll simply shop elsewhere for now. No need for conflict.

There are some great options available for folks like me, like ordering online or by phone for curb service or delivery to my home, etc. We can all get through this and remain friends, even when we have different opinions and needs.

I will NOT make a fool of myself by screaming at you or your employees or trying to tell you how to run your business. I won’t hate you or even dislike your store or your staff. Still no need for any conflict.

We can chat, smile and say “Hi, how are you, hope you’re fine, have a nice day” and actually MEAN it, still with no need for any conflict.

That’s how freedom works; with respect, dignity, compassion and concern for each other.

I wish you well and I pray this ends soon.

Larry E. Doran


The Song of Hope Endorses Mike Cooper and Brian Seitz

After much consideration, Branson’s Song of Hope Assembly is releasing two political endorsements for the August 4th Missouri Primary. The candidates we support are Mike Cooper for Southern Stone County Commissioner and Brian Seitz for State Representative in Missouri’s 156th district. These endorsements are significant as they stand as the first ever awarded by the Song of Hope movement!

Mike Cooper is an economics professor who is pro-business! Over the years he has shown strong support for the entertainment industry in the tri-lakes region, specifically with his contributions to the Branson Regional Arts Council and their productions at the Historic Owen Theatre! We throw our full support behind his candidacy.

Brian Seitz is a local pastor and ardent protector of the values we hold dear in this community! What stood out to the Assembly when making this decision to endorse was the principal of consistency in support for our industry. Not just in campaign season, but throughout nearly 3 decades of life here in Branson, Brian has been an ally and promoter of our live music shows and theatres. For 14 years, he ran a monthly newspaper called Music Country News in which he covered the Branson Entertainment Industry! When asked what sets Branson apart, Seitz said “Live Music Shows and Entertainment”. That actually goes a long way in setting him apart from other candidates who have run for office in the past who proclaim that the shows are simply one slice of who we are. While Brian will be a strong voice on many different issues, it is this understanding of the paramount importance of our entertainment industry that won him the endorsement. And finally we would like to say that this decision did not simply come from the leadership of our Assembly alone but also from the entertainers who have been the most active in the Song of Hope political movement. The decision was made as soon as they spoke up because they have the vested interest in our shows thriving into the future!

We would like to thank all candidates who submitted credentials seeking the endorsement!

Marshall Howden, President- Song of Hope Assembly

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