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Letter to the Editor: Lights of Hope Kickoff helps to fight cancer

During these uncertain times, I’m raising money to support a nonprofit that means a lot to me, and I encourage you to help me support cancer patients who need help more than ever.

Each year, cancer advocates like myself from across the country meet in Washington, D.C., to urge Congress to make the fight against cancer a national priority. Each of us brings decorated Lights of Hope bags, featuring the names, pictures and stories of our loved ones touched by cancer to honor them at a special ceremony. I am a Caregiver for my husband who is colon cancer survivor. I started volunteering with American Cancer Society four years prior, so I knew where to reach out. Their website and call center (answered by a real person) was so valuable.

And my story is just one of many. We want to bring your stories too. If you’d like to dedicate a bag to someone and have it displayed during this moving tribute in September, visit fightcancer.org/lightsofhope for more information. To donate or buy a bag go to http://acscan.convio.net/goto/Lisa_Wilfong or call 417-294-5981. I will personally decorate each bag, and send you a picture if requested.

I fight to get legislation for our seniors on Medicare. Their colonoscopy cost is only covered if nothing is found/removed. Many do not get the test done in fear of waking up to a medical bill they can not afford. We need this loop hole fixed.

Your contribution will help us honor those fighting cancer and remember those lost to the devastating disease—while supporting ongoing efforts to fight cancer in Missouri.

Lisa Wilfong


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