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Letter to the Editor

Being retired medical professionals we have an intense interest in how our government handles medical issues that affect us. Research is in our bloodstream and with internet it is so much easier than most of our past experiences. As employers in the medical field employees working environment was of utmost importance for a happy pleasant workplace. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a long standing government agency who is responsible for every employee in the USA. Employers are required to instruct employees that they have the right to file a complaint with federal government regarding any problems in their workplace and the first substantiated offense is followed with a $75,000 fine. As an employer you must post a large notice to employees from OSHA that gives 800 telephone number for employees to file against them! We were fortunate to never have a problem we couldn’t solve. This may not be so in today’s business environment in that OSHA has regulation that requires testing of employees breathing and selecting the type of mask needed for the environment the employee will be working in. I have worked as an OR nurse. Operating suites have special airflow control and extra oxygen that flows into these systems. This kind of planning comes into play when new facilities or remodeling of OR suites occur. All the result of protecting employees.

My question: What is your liability as an individual or as a board of Branson city government for putting forth a mask ordinance requiring all persons to wear masks in all public areas (both indoors and outdoors) in businesses in Branson? Are you as a board prepared to pay a fine and legal fees for any business who is challenged by an employee in the city of Branson??

By the way Nixa’s governing body voted 6-0 for a no mask mandate in its city this week.

Dr. Jerry Ozee

Shirley Ozee, RN

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