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Letter from Mayor Larry Milton

In the past couple of weeks, we have been blessed to announce the transition of three of our city’s department directors after their multiple decades of service to our community. I’m proud to announce the following additions and promotions of our energized leadership team over the past months and weeks to implement our bold agenda and series of investments and capital improvement projects that will continue to grow and set Branson up for success.

Our City Administrator, along with our Human Resources Department, has worked diligently to find the best talent and the hardest workers to fill these positions. Given the nationwide workforce shortages we have seen, this isn't an easy task. However, these new hires and promotions will continue to maximize the positive direction we are headed in and will give new energy to moving our city forward. Please join me in welcoming the following leadership changes:

  • Deputy City Clerk Hillary Briand has been appointed as City Clerk.

  • Lisa Rau has been hired as the Communications Director to expand our city’s communication team.

  • Acting Director of the Planning & Development Department, Michael Woods, has been promoted to Public Works/Engineering Director.

  • Assistant Chief Eric Schmitt has been appointed Police Chief.

There is an incredible amount of talent at City Hall. Our leadership team is on the right path and continues to work hard for our taxpayers!

Your mayor,

Larry Milton

Branson, Missouri

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