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Keeping Taney County Open is a Social Responsibility

Special to Branson Globe

As businesses in Taney County begin to reopen, the Taney County Health Department (TCHD) reminds residents and visitors to continue to help fight COVID-19 by exercising social responsibility. Wearing face coverings while in public, maintaining physical distancing, and staying home when sick are all ways to protect yourself and those around you. Every resident and visitor has a responsibility to protect the health of Taney County.

“Our community has taken precautionary measures during this time,” States Lisa Marshall, Director of TCHD. “This is largely why COVID-19 cases in Taney County continue to hold steady. The community has jumped on board and is doing the right things to stop the spread, we need their help to keep our community healthy.”

To continue to keep these numbers low, the health department is reminding community members that it isour social responsibility to take care of each other and continue to wear masks, wash our hands and keep six feet away from those who don’t reside in our households.

“Social responsibility means taking care of each other through our own actions.” Marshall continues, “We are in a holding pattern right now as far as new cases are concerned. The best way to reduce the risk of a spike in positive cases is to take precautionary measures now.”

TCHD encourages residents and visitors to call businesses, theaters or restaurants they plan to visit to determine if they are open and instructions on their opening procedures. Toolkits are available at For more information contact the Taney County Health Department at 417-334-4544, visit our website at, or like our FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest pages.

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