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‘JESUS, The Experience’ comes to life at Music City Centre tonight

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Voices singing about the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will fill the newly renovated Music City Centre tonight with sounds of joy, sorrow and inspiration.

“Our goal was to open by Easter and like everything else got put on hold because of the Covid-19 pandemic and health lockdown,” Pastor Chris Davis of Kings Chapel Church at Music City Centre said.

A scene from “JESUS, The Experience,” opening tonight at Music City Centre. (Submitted to Branson Globe)

The Kings Chapel Church itself will resume worship services inside the Music City Centre starting July 5, Pastor Davis said.

In the meantime, the 450-seat theater will open tonight showcasing the extensive $1 million renovation of Music City Centre the church has been completing since buying the building at 1839 W. 76 Country Blvd. last year.

Theater-goers will be dazzled by new lighting, a professional sound system, new carpeting, plush seats, and cooled by a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

“In the past some people complained it got too hot inside sometimes in the theater during summertime,” Pastor Davis. “So we invested in a new HVAC system, and a new roof.”

With these upgrades, and a flurry of rehearsals, Pastor Davis said the performers are ready for the big night.

“No matter how many people walk through our doors tonight, even if it’s four people or four times forty, we’re going to tell the story of Jesus Christ through voice and song,” Pastor Davis said.

“JESUS, The Experience” is a full-scale, original Broadway-style musical that portrays the story of Jesus with a cast of over 40 singers, actors and dancers.

The action packed show begins with Jesus being “lost” at age 12 and immediately dives into his baptism with many powerful and unique moments from his life and ministry.

This family show portrays a wide range of emotions including many fun moments as well as the passion of His death and glory of His resurrection.

“Jesus” was written, produced and directed by Pastor Davis, including all 20 original songs and is produced by Unto One Productions (which is the production company of Kings Chapel Church).

Performances are weekends, June 19 - Aug 9. Tickets and exact show dates available at the box office or

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