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Investment banking: The C level executive

By Bob Hodgson

Maybe you are a “C” level executive and know of a Branson business owner wanting to exit his business. If this is you then you may have an opportunity of a life time to acquire that business.

Investment banker Bob Hodgson. (FILE)

Leading investment firms seek “C” level executives who have the vision, passion and determination to grow a company through acquisitions, integration and internal growth.

The letter “C” stands for chief. They are the most powerful and influential members of an organization. These executives set the company’s long-term strategy and vision. This includes CEO (chief executive officer), COO (chief operating officer or 2nd in command), CFO (chief financial officer) and other “C” level executives.

Some people become confused between a CEO and a president. The president is below a CEO and is oriented towards company employees and micro decisions. The president implements policy and strategies to make the CEO’s vision reality.

As a “C” level executive, you have an opportunity to own a company and aggressively build your true wealth. An investment firm will provide the required capital for you to acquire a company in your industry of expertise. You must be able to make an introduction of a company for an investment firm to acquire. Providing you qualify, you will be a “C” level executive or the CEO of the newly acquired company. If the acquisition progresses to completion and you do not qualify for a “C” level position then you will receive a generous fee for your efforts.

A qualified “C” level executive of the acquired company will have an opportunity to build your company in partnership with a leading investment firm. This is a great opportunity to build considerable personal wealth.

If you choose to be the “C” level executive, you will need these qualifications:

10 years of experience as “C” level executive in a profitable company with sales greater than $50M.

20 years of industry experience.

Significant achievements during up & down cycles.

Established network of industry contacts.

Experience in defining and executing a strategic vision.

There are approximately 3,000 investment firms available for this type of transaction. The role of an intermediary is to connect two parties who have not figured out that they need each other. An intermediary with first-hand knowledge of the investment firms would be able to facilitate this type of transaction according to the industry and company size.

Amvest Financial Group is a leading international investment banking firm based in Kansas City representing clients with sales from $10 million to over $6 billion.

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