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Investment banking: Profile of a successful manager

By Bob Hodgson, Investment Banker

A key to successful management is the relationship between the manager and his or her staff. It’s the manner in which managers manage people that separate the ordinary people from the good and the exceptional. The best managers:

Bob Hodgson (FILE)

Keep the big picture in mind:

Are consistent in their behavior.

Treat their employee’s time as if it is as important as their own.

Are unafraid to question their management.

Earn the trust of those they manage.

Managers should not:

Become intoxicated by positional power.

Play favorites.

Go off halfcocked.

Avoid conflict.

Feel threatened by the abilities of their employees.

Past performance is an indicator of future performance. Managers should have:

A proven track record in a large company or as a division chief officer, president or general manager with bottom line responsibility.

Has in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Can demonstrate a true desire to build a great company.

An outstanding manager is able to bring out talents from their subordinates and they have mastered these qualities:

Creativity. Creativity separates excellence from normalcy.

Boundaries. Limitations and guidelines define the working structure. An excellent manager is able to work within the structure and discover how to expand beyond the boundaries.

Awareness. People with keen awareness are able to sense what others are feeling and thinking.

Knowledge. A strong manager lives, breathes and eats knowledge and this becomes transparent to others.

Devotion. A strong manager is devoted to the success of the project and of all team members. They have proven results by moving a team to the end result.

Inspiration. The best leaders are those who will be unpretentiously be themselves and respect, connect and inspire others.

Openness. Openness allows the leader to quickly change directions and respond to creative thinking.

Lighthearted. Strong managers know how to keep conversations professional and lighthearted. Being a happy-go-lucky attitude projects confidence, reduces overall stress with employees and it goes a long way in persuading others to your views.

Focus. Excellent managers are skillful at focusing on the big picture while paying attention to the small details.

Amvest Financial Group is a leading international investment banking firm based in Kansas City representing clients with sales from $10 million to over $6 billion. www.amvest.com

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