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Hollister to be home of new destination resort

By K.D. Michaels,

Staff Writer

A new, year-round waterpark and resort is set to break ground in Hollister.

In a press conference on Wednesday, executives from Imagine Hospitality, a lodging company owning a host of waterparks and resorts across the country, announced Hollister as the home of the organization’s long-awaited and first-of-it’s-kind family destination resort.

“Our goal is to break ground the first quarter of next year,” explained CEO and Co-founder of Imagine Resorts Bruce Neviaser. “It will take over two years to build.”

The highlight of the 575,000 square foot resort will be a 100,000 square foot indoor waterpark, with “a whole set of its own experiences and brands inside” according to Neviaser.

The resort will also feature an outdoor waterpark, as well as eight unique, themed food and beverage outlets, including a large buffet.

“Guests are going to enjoy the food,” explained Neviaser, of the new resort. “But they’re also going to enjoy the experience. We will bring a whole array of experiences beyond the waterpark. Our goal is to have a place where you can spend two days with your family, of all ages, and never even walk to the water park, if that’s your desire. Then I know we’ve done something right. We will have entertainment, art, music, cooking classes, every interest imaginable for our guests. Everybody can find something that gets them excited, engaged. We can’t be all things to all people, but what we can do is be something for everybody. Every family, when they come in, they’re writing their own story based on their experiences and their interests. We provide the venue where families can come and have fun, and the memories that they take home with them, that’s what binds families together!”

In addition to the waterpark and dining, Phase One of the resort project is to include approximately 450 spacious guest rooms and cabins, 40,000 square feet of family entertainment space, and 10,000 square feet of retail space. The resort will also feature both an adult and a children’s themed day-spa. Another feature is a large convention space.

Neviaser elaborated, “We will have 30,000 feet of convention space to start with in the first phase, so we can accommodate every type of business meeting, wedding, family get together, you name it. We will likely expand that space over time.”

Of the Hollister site, Neviaser stated that they selected it because of the size and also the visibility. The 88-acre plot on Highway 65 allows the resort plenty of room for outside activities, as well as expansion in future phases of the project.

An added benefit of the Hollister location, according to Neviaser, “It is a drive-to destination. So, you’re not having to get on an airplane, with all of the expense and risk and time with air travel today. We’re asking people to drive two or three hours and stay with us. While they would have still been at the airport, they’re already with us, having fun!”

Neviaser was also quick to show his company’s appreciation to local officials and community leaders for their help in making this vision a reality.

“We are very happy to be here. This is an amazing place! We’re here after all this time and effort because of the local people who have made this happen, the guys who worked tirelessly with us to get to this point,” Neviaser praised. “You’ve got one of the best groups, in terms of intelligent, motivated go-getters to make this happen, and we look forward to working with them for years to come.”

The resort will provide between 450 and 550 jobs, according to Neviaser. Plans are for Phase One of the waterpark and resort to be completed by the second or third quarter of 2023.

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