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Fritz's Adventure kicks off second year of promotion

By K.D. Michaels, Staff Writer

A promotion at Fritz's Adventure was so popular that the attraction has announced that it will continue for the second straight year.

Fritz's Supports Local (#FritzsSupportsLocal) launched last year as a way for Fritz's Adventure to make the guest experience at their indoor/outdoor adventure park even better while giving back to the Branson community. Fritz's Adventure purchases gift cards from a number of area businesses like restaurants and other local establishments, and uses those gift cards to reward random guests at their own facility.

"We're all about fun and we're all about making sure our guests experience WOW moments," explained Fritz's Adventure Chief Operating Officer Travis Leaming. "The #FritzsSupportsLocal Program started in 2022 as a simple idea to broaden how we fulfill our mission of WOW moments and it has quickly grown into so much more."

Director of Marketing at Fritz's Adventure Grace Frankowski added, "We love when our guests have a great time here, but we also know a vacation is bigger than just Fritz's. We invested more than $30,000 last year into local businesses so our guests could experience more of what Branson has to offer. We believe that Fritz's wins when Branson wins."

According to Chris Dillon, Director of Visual Communications for Fritz's Adventure, the program was win-win for both Fritz's and the businesses they partnered with.

"Local partners were grateful and many felt that #FritzsSupportsLocal was just another example of Branson being a special community that supports one another to succeed."

One of the businesses that Fritz's Adventure teamed up with is Revive Juice and Coffee Bar. "It was really refreshing that Fritz's came to us and said they wanted to buy our gift cards and give back to grow the community," said Revive's Shelby Winzenried. "The more Revive grows, the more that Fritz's grows and the more that we all grow in Branson. I believe small businesses like us need to band together, and Fritz's Adventure is a great start to get more of that going in the future."

Added Les Carpenter of the Branson Boardgame Cafe, "I think it's great that Fritz's is willing to support local businesses, especially small local businesses like ours. It goes a long way in helping us get our name out in the community."

While the guests at Fritz's Adventure are chosen at random for the gift cards, those receiving a gift card to a local business are given a chance to win even more of the thousands of dollars in gift cards given out by Fritz's. A card recipient can take a family photo with their gift card inside Fritz's, post the photo to social media using the special hashtag, and be placed into a drawing to potentially win more gift cards.

Fritz's Adventures is located at 1425 West 76 Country Boulevard in Branson. For more information on Fritz's Adventure, visit their website, For more information about #FritzsSupportsLocal, visit

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