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Election results favor tax issues, incumbent aldermen

By Gary J. Groman, a.k.a. The Ole Seagull

The COVID-19 postponed April 7, 2020, General Municipal Election took place on June 2. In addition to voting on municipal officials, voters also voted on other matters including school board members and two tax issues.

Taney County Voters approved the two tax issues. One was a Taney County law enforcement services sales tax of three-eighths(3/8) of one percent (1%). It will provide funding for county law enforcement services, including support of capital improvements, equipment and operations of the Sheriff’s Department and Jail, Prosecuting Attorney’s office, and Juvenile office. Voters gave their approval by a 2898 to 1847 vote. This vote also repeals the existing county sales tax for law enforcement services of (1/8) of one percent (1%), replacing it with the new three-eighths (3/8) of one percent (1%) tax, which will last for 15 years.

The second tax authorizes the Board of Directors of the Western Taney County Fire Protection District to increase its real estate property tax levy by “not more than nine (9) cents on each one hundred dollars($100) of assessed valuation for the betterment and continued services for our community.” Voters gave their approval by a 1087 to 675 vote margin.

The results of municipal races for Branson, Hollister, and Forsyth are as follows:

Branson Ward 1: Winner was Bill Skains with 193 votes versus Marshall Howden’s 161 votes, and Willard Harris, with 9 votes.

Branson Ward 2: Winner was Jeff Seay with 295 votes versus incumbent Rick Castillon, who received 107 votes.

Branson Ward 3: Winner was Jamie Whiteis, with 315 votes, running unopposed except for 12 unnamed Write-In votes.

Forsyth Mayor: Winner was Kelly Dougherty, with 259 votes versus Sherrie Veltkamp, who received 139 votes.

Forsyth Ward 1: Winner was Larry Moehl with 207 votes running unopposed except for two unnamed “Write-In votes.

Forsyth Ward 2: Winner was Cheryk Altis with 110 votes running unopposed except for seven unnamed Write-In votes.

Hollister Mayor: Winner was incumbent Mayor, David G. Tate, with 252 votes versus Blake Bryan Swindall, receiving 93 votes, and two unnamed Write-In votes.

Hollister Ward 1: Winner was incumbent David Honey with 63 votes versus James S. Pulliam with 60 votes.

Hollister Ward 2: Winner was incumbent Phil Carman with 183 votes running unopposed except for nine unnamed Write-In votes.

The results of the Branson and Hollister School Board Elections are as follows:

Branson School Board’s three winners and their vote totals were Sonja Myer, 1538; Angie Smith, 1200; and Lane McConnell, 1124. Others in the race and their vote totals were Joel Merrifield, 957; and Rod Romine, 920.

Hollister School Board’s three winners were Jae Jones, 26; Chris Kaempfer, 26; and Rena Daniels, 25. Others in the race and their vote totals were John Rousselot, 18, and Todd D.Wright, 17.

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