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Branson Globe begins printing online

Since the Branson Globe is unable to distribute copies through its usual way, it has decided to publish on its website at bransonsonglobe.com and Facebook until the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. (Special to Branson Globe)

By Branson Globe Staff

Since national and local authorities have had to make difficult decisions that confine people to areas away from where they might be exposed to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the staff of the Branson Globe has decided the best way to continue publishing is by bringing local information and news to its readers wherever they may be. Even while they are quarantined at home.

"In this time of social distancing and self-imposed isolation, the internet becomes our avenue for receiving news and updates on our local society,” said Production Manager Gabe Jones. “In order for our paper to continue giving our readers what they need, moving to a online format is necessary, if only for a short time.”

Branson Globe has a main goal, and that is to provide our readers, members of our community and beyond, access to its written pages. Therefore, starting with this Friday, our March 20 publication, we will only print the Branson Globe on Fridays. The Branson Globe Sunday and Wednesday issues will be on our website and Facebook page, with frequent updates. The Friday issues, though printed, will also be available on our website bransonglobe.com as well as Facebook.

“We are a baby newspaper still taking baby steps toward the technical world. We are not even a year old yet,” said Editor Brenda Meadows. “There is something about holding an actual printed newspaper that is comforting. But, under such dire circumstances as we are facing at this time, we want to be available to our readers and advertisers. Facebook and our website are very good connecting tools.”

It would not benefit our readers or advertisers to print a newspaper and place copies where no one has access to them. Unfortunately the majority of our drop off places are closed, off limits or unavailable until further notice.

"During this time we will still distribute our papers on Friday's in all businesses that are open, including convenience stores and also in our boxes throughout Branson and Hollister,” said Rob Doherty, sales and distribution manager. “We will be uploading our paper to Facebook and our new website to help our advertisers reach more prospects and hopefully get them new business when this pandemic is behind us.”

While we transition, we will continue with the newspaper’s actual format. We will still have advertisements and classified sections. We believe having the Globe available on Facebook and at bransonglobe.com will reach a wider audience, giving our readers ready access and our advertisers a wider berth.

“Please continue to submit items, press releases and stories to us because we will continue to get all information out to our readers and advertisers,” said Branson Globe Publisher Kim Rohde. “We have worked so hard to build up the Branson Globe and the tremendous support we have received from our readers and advertisers has been overwhelming in the most positive way. We are going to continue publishing and our concerns are the same as yours during this time. We’re all in this together.”

To contact the Branson Globe go to Branson Globe on Facebook, bransonglobe.com, email production@bransonglobe.com or call 417-334-9100.

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