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Branson Fire & Rescue Releases 2019 Performance Report

Submitted to The Branson Globe -

Branson Fire & Rescue released its annual performance report for 2019, documenting another successful year of relatively low fire losses and no civilian fire-related injuries or deaths.

Ladder truck at Branson Fire Department No. 2

The most noted items for 2019 included the purchase of a new 107 foot ladder truck and the purchase of land for a new fire station, thanks to the support of the new Public Safety Sales Tax.

In 2019, the fire department responded to 4,980 incidents including 81 working fires, 2,869 medical emergencies, 277 injury motor vehicle accidents and 1,753 non-emergency incidents including automatic fire alarms. The reported fire losses for the year totaled $531,677. The average response time to emergency incidents was 4.09 minutes.

Branson Fire Chief Ted Martin/FILE

“Most of this fire loss occurred at a motel property and a single-family residence,” said Branson Fire Rescue Chief Ted Martin. “Our firefighters kept fire losses to a minimum as the estimated property saved at all of the reported working fires topped $65 million. Our goal is to keep fire losses under $1 million each year based on the size and demographics of our community as well as an emergency response model under five minutes.”

Branson firefighters maintain an intensive training program to constantly sharpen existing fire and rescue skills as well as learning new programs to better enhance the department’s operations. Each career firefighter averaged 350 hours of training with a total of 13,651 hours accumulated.

The full report is available on Branson Fire Rescue’s website under the “2019 Performance Report” at

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