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‘Believe in Branson’ our community

Dear Branson Community,

You may have heard about a new sign that sits in front of Branson’s Cox Medical Center. It says “Believe in Branson.” It was donated to our community specifically to help encourage us during the COVID-19 crisis. You also may have already noticed a burst of light coming from atop the cliff across from Branson Landing. That is the polyhedron Christmas star that resides above Branson’s giant Nativity scene on Mount Branson, specially lit as a sign of hope for our community.

Mayor Edd Akers

Take these symbols to heart. I want to take this time as Mayor of Branson to encourage us all that just as these symbols suggest, there is hope and we are all in this together.

Every day I get emails or calls from you explaining to me the daily struggles you are going through and the many pressures you are facing. I hear you and I am with you. The City is hard at work making plans to safely re-open. Please be patient. While we want to re-open as soon as we can, the health and safety of our community is our top priority. That’s why we want to do this right. We are working with federal, state, and local health officials as well as the Branson Chamber of Commerce’s “Re-Open Branson Task Force” to re-open as safely as possible.

I am proud of the way City Hall, the Taney County Health Department, our Health Care Systems, and our many front-line health care workers are handling this crisis. The teamwork between our community agencies has been impressive to watch. There are so many people working non-stop to make sure our community returns stronger than ever. And it will.

Things are changing quickly. When it comes to re-opening or any actions regarding COVID-19, the City of Branson will continue to work in coordination with partner agencies at all levels of government as well as the Branson Chamber of Commerce’s “Re-Open Branson Task Force” to ensure our response actions are appropriate for the City of Branson. We will communicate updates to the Branson community as the situation changes. For these updates, go to the “Coronavirus Updates” page on our website at http://www.bransonmo.gov/805/Coronavirus-Information.

Just like our new sign, I believe in Branson and I believe there is no pandemic that can change who we are.

Thank you for letting me serve you,

 Mayor Edd Akers

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