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Author Dr. Kris Jackson releases new book: 'Made to Order'

“Made to Order” addresses biblical principles that everything God does is orderly. In “Made to Order,” these biblical principles are converted to daily actions that will change lives from chaotic and confused to peaceful and productive.

With his latest book, Made to Order, Dr. Kris Jackson seeks to reset the course for everything we steward from our own mindsets, to the structure of our churches, to the way we train and direct our children. When Adam and Eve bit into the first lie the chaos has continued through suspicion, anxiety, negative thinking and every other mental disturbance.  From the inner man, the dysfunction naturally spread to his surroundings. Now the desk, the cab of the pickup, marriage, finances, the workplace and everything man touches bears the image of his nature.

This 165-page paperback can be very helpful for individuals in all walks of life. “Made to Order” is a perfect resource tool for churches, counselors, pastors and teachers for a series of Bible studies. It is now available at Yes! Church, 360 Emerson Rd., Branson West, through or Kris Jackson Ministries Facebook page and soon will be available in other locations across the U.S.

Kris is an international evangelist and Bible teacher, traveling internationally and across the U.S. for over 40 years with the good news of Christ’s saving, healing and delivering power. He holds a Doctor of Theology and PhD in Religion from North Carolina College of Theology. Other books he has written include Bible commentaries on Matthew, Luke, Ephesians, Moses’ Tabernacle and Psalms, as well as several revival and Christian living-themed paperbacks.


“Kris Jackson has the ability to mine the wealth of the scripture in practical ways that most of us have never considered. His deep and intuitive insight and knowledge of the Bible come alive in this book. It’s based on the biblical principle that everything God does is orderly, and we should be as well. God is a Master Architect, Designer and Administrator.


Jesus organized the hungry throngs, placing them in groups of fifties and hundreds, systematically seating them for crowd control and even counting the twelve remaining baskets, so the twelve disciples weren’t left out. From the macro counting of the stars, to the micro counting of the strands of the hair, God has laid out a pattern of creative order, which if followed will change our lives.


Thankfully, Kris has turned these biblical principles into daily truisms, that will change our lives from chaotic and confused to peaceful and productive. Grab your marker. You will find yourself underlining much of the book.”

-Larry Titus, Founder and President Emeritus, Kingdom Global Ministries

Dallas, Texas

Kris Jackson Ministries is based near America’s music show capital, Branson. Kris and his wife Tricia are founding pastors of Yes! Church in Branson West. Tricia is passionate about women’s ministry and both are available as their schedule permits. To schedule for speaking engagements, conventions, conferences or revivals, see their contact information that follows:

Kris Jackson Ministries

P.O. Box 2400

Branson West, MO 65737

Phone 417-335-0260 or 417-335-1189                                                                                                       

Email: or                                      

Websites: and                                                       

Facebook: Kris Jackson Ministries

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