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Add polling places to your list of favorite drive-thrus

By Karen Halfpop

Digital/Production Director

Taney County voters will have a very different voting experience during the June 2 municipal elections: drive-thru polling places.

Taney County will follow many areas of the country, such as Wisconsin shown above, with drive-thru voting in the June 2 election. (AP)

Taney County Clerk Donna Neely explained how drive-thru voting will work, and where Taney County voters will drive up to cast their ballots.

Election judges will bring an electronic pad to the voter’s car for check-in. The pad will then be sanitized before going to the next voter. Voters will then mark a paper ballot with a pen that won’t be reused. The ballot then goes right into the machine.

Neely says voters can opt to stay in their cars, or get out of their cars to vote. Masks are also optional. All election workers will have personal protective equipment.

Your polling place may also be a little different. Protecting voters, election workers and the ballots and equipment from the elements was also a concern, so election officials looked for locations that could offer some cover, plus room for circular traffic flow.

Here’s where you’ll be voting in Taney County:

Hollister wards 1, 2 and 3, and Mount Branson - M. Graham Clark Airport.

Rockaway Beach, Merriam Woods, and Forsyth ward 1 - Forsyth Catholic Church.

Forsyth ward 2 and Kirbyville - Forsyth First Baptist Church.

North Branson, Boston Center, and Walnut Shade - Life Christian Church

Skyline and Branson ward 3 - Skyline Baptist Church.

Branson wards 1 and 2 - Branson Church of Christ.

Taneyville, Bradleyville, Mark Twain, Cedar Creek and Kissee Mills - New Vision Baptist Church, Taneyville.

For more information on voting, please contact the Taney County Clerk’s office at 417-546-7249.

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