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76 Entertainment CID expansion petition is certified

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The 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District (76ECID) was notified by Lisa Westfall, City Clerk of the City of Branson on Tuesday that the petition submitted to amend boundaries and expand the 76ECID has been verified by her office. The petition, submitted on February 14, 2020, “substantially complies with the requirements of Section 67.1421 of the CID Act,” according to the signed and sealed document provided to the 76ECID.

The original 76ECID was formed in May 2016 when property owners along West 76 from Presleys’ Theatre to the Branson Ferris Wheel, (Segment 3 or Phase 1A of the overall project) established the District and voted in support of a 1 percent sales tax to fund the revitalization and ongoing maintenance and operation of the District. This expansion of the 76ECID boundaries extend the District west to Shepherd of the Hills Expressway (segments 1 and 2) and east to Branson Farm and Auto Museum (segments 4 through 6). To expand the District, at least 51 percent of the unique property owners representing at least 51 percent of the assessed property value within the area had to request annexation via petition.

Gail Myer, Chairman of the 76ECID said, “We are grateful to the property owners and community leaders who have shown vision, courage and patience through this process. Their support will allow us to move forward, in collaboration with the City of Branson, to improve the beauty, safety and functionality of this vital economic corridor.”

Approval by the City of Branson Board of Aldermen is the next step in the 76ECID expansion process.

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